How do I book the Supreme Party Machine?
You can get a hold of us over the phone at (407)655-8091, or by filling out the form to the right with your name, address, phone number/email, desired date and time for your party, and which party package you’d like.

Is there an extra charge for travel?
For parties 50-74 miles away from the 34771 zip code, there is an additional $100 destination fee.
For parties 75 miles away or more, we’ll discuss the destination fee with you while booking.

What happens on the day of the party?
The Supreme Party Machine arrives early to make sure we have enough space to park and set up. There is a small preparation time as we turn on the air conditioners, game consoles inside, as well as set up our canopy, table, chairs, snow cone machine, and glitter tattoos outside. If your event includes Laser Tag, Water Tag, Gaga Dodgeball, bounce houses, or our other party options, we’ll discuss with you a suitable place to set up a playing area.

What if there’s adverse weather on our scheduled party day?
For mild conditions, we will attempt to operate normally, but may not be able to offer exterior activities such as outdoor laser tag or our outdoor speaker system. For more severe weather conditions(heavy rain, lightning storms, extreme winds), we will do our best to make accommodations to postpone or reschedule. This will be handled on a case-by-case basis and we will be in contact with you to come to an agreeable arrangement to reschedule your party to protect our staff, equipment, and most importantly, you and your guests.

Is there an age limit?
No, but players under the age of 5 must be supervised by at least one adult.

How much space does the Supreme Party Machine need?
Our game truck requires around 60 feet in length to support the length of the truck and trailer. We may need to block your driveway to have enough room. Ideally the location would be flat and level. Please clear enough space for the Supreme Party Machine 15 minutes before we arrive to allow us time to set up before your party is scheduled to begin. If your residence isn’t a good option to park for us, there may be a park nearby that would be suitable.  Should your party be delayed as a result of being unable to park the trailer in time, we may not be able to extend the party if it would create a schedule conflict. Please call us in advance at (407)655-8091 if you are unsure of a good spot for us to set up. It may be possible for us to inspect the location prior to your party.

Are the games appropriate for children?
All games we carry are reviewed by the ESRB and assigned ratings based on their content. These ratings are shown our games listing page and game covers. We can discuss options for your party and tailor game availability accordingly. More information about the ratings can be found on the ESRB website.

Do you require an electrical outlet to plug-in?
The Supreme Party Machine is powered by an on-board generator that provides enough power for the entire party. We can set up wherever you’d like your event to be held.

How do I reserve an event in advance?
To hold a date, please contact us to check our availability on our schedule. The Supreme Party Machine is in high demand, so we do suggest reserving your party several weeks in advance to guarantee your preferred time slot.

What areas can I book the Supreme Party Machine?
We are available in Osceola, Orange, Brevard, and Seminole counties. If you are not in these areas, check with us, we may be able to make an arrangement for you.

Can I book the Supreme Party Machine for extra hours on the day of the party?
At our discretion, if there is no schedule conflict, we will be happy to extend your party.

Do you allow food or beverages inside the Supreme Party Machine?
We do not allow food or beverages inside, due to our use of electrical equipment. We provide a table for outdoor use that may be used for food or beverages. You are allowed to set up additional tables outside the Supreme Party Machine for food and beverages as well.

How many people are allowed inside the Supreme Party Machine?
We can support up to 16 players playing inside. We allow for additional spectators as space allows. Rotating players for large events may be necessary.

Are animals allowed inside the Supreme Party Machine?
No animals are allowed inside the Supreme Party Machine.

Laser Tag

Are the laser taggers safe?
Yes. Our laser tag equipment uses infrared(IR) light, rather than an actual laser. IR lights have a longer wavelength that is harmless to human eyes.

What are the rules for Laser Tag?
The Game Coach will explain all the rules at your event.
The Party Host must complete and hand in a Hold Harmless Agreement and Waiver form for the event.
Each field will be different depending on the location of the event. The Game Coach will explain field boundaries, and any out of bounds areas(such as but limited to streets, trees, neighboring yards, or other obstacles) that players must adhere to for each scenario. There will be bunkers that are available for use as cover. These bunkers are not to be jumped on, or overcrowded. Players must listen to game coaches at all times. Physical contact between players is prohibited.

Players will be divided into two teams. Players on each team will wear colored team pinnies, representing either the red or yellow team. The Laser Taggers will have a set number of “lives” and “ammo” depending on the game scenario. There is a display on the side of the laser tagger. Normally, this displays the number of “lives” you have left. Your laser tagger has a set number of shots before it needs to reload. This is shown on the side display when the laser is discharging. When your current “ammo” has been depleted, you’ll hear a click when the trigger is pressed. This means you’ll need to press the reload button on the side, which recharges your laser tagger after a moment. Game coaches will describe the settings for each scenario such as start zones, flag placement(if Capture the Flag or Base Assault), and out of bounds areas. Some scenarios will involve a medic box controlled by a game coach, which is where players that have been tagged out will return to, to get back in the game. If the scenario is not using a medic box, players must wait at a designated area for remainder of the round. Players must have their laser taggers in front of them, it cannot be hidden behind the back.

What gametype do you use for Laser Tag?
Team Elimination is a favorite. We can also change things up with the addition of medics for each team, to bring tagged out players back into the game!

How long do glitter tattoos take to apply?
The process takes only a few minutes. Note that more intricate designs or requests for multicolored designs require a bit more attention, but still do not take long at all.

How long do the glitter tattoos last?
The glitter tattoos are not permanent and will come off anywhere from 3 to 7 days. They are somewhat waterproof, but will gradually fade. If you would like to remove your glitter tattoo, apply 70% isopropyl alcohol or baby oil.

Policies, Terms, and Conditions

Are alcohol or drugs allowed at the party?
You may serve alcohol at the party, but we may require an extra security deposit when alcohol is being served. We may and reserve the right to refuse or terminate any party or booking where alcohol is being served.

Drugs are strictly prohibited and will not be allowed in or around the Supreme Party Machine. Any observed use of legal or illegal narcotics is grounds for immediate termination of the party event.

Is smoking allowed at the party?
Smoking is not allowed inside or around the Supreme Party Machine.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?
We understand that sometimes you may be forced to change your plans. The Supreme Party Machine will work with you to reschedule your event one time only for an additional charge $50 charge. If you must cancel your party, please let us know as soon as possible. If Supreme Party Machine is given at least 14 days notice, we’ll refund your deposit. Under 14 days notice, the deposit will be forfeit.

What is your privacy policy?
When filling out our online contact form you will be asked to provide contact information, a phone number or email address, along with your message. When we send out an invoice, usually by email, you will be asked for provide valid credit or debit card information to process the initial deposit fee.

This information is strictly confidential and will not be sold, traded, or disclosed to any outside parties. This does not include if we believe release is necessary to comply with the law, protect ours or others rights, property, or safety.

During the party event, Game Coaches may be taking pictures. These pictures may be uploaded to our website or our social media(Facebook, Twitter). If you do not want our Game Coach to take pictures of your event, please notify us before the event and we’ll be happy to comply.

What is your damage or injury policy?
Supreme Party Machine will not be held responsible for damage to property as a result of a client request to park the game theater in a specific location. This includes above ground or below ground damage to property or equipment. Supreme Party Machine reserves the right to add additional charges for damage to the game theater or equipment as a result of carelessness or malicious intent by the client or the client’s guests.

The Supreme Party Machine assumes no responsibility for any injuries occurring on the client’s property or party location. All liability for damage or injury is the responsibility of the client and/or host.

The customer agrees to the above listed terms and policies by submitting payment and booking the Supreme Party Machine. Failure to adhere to the terms and conditions presented may result in cancellation of events and loss of fees paid.


I have more questions about the Supreme Party Machine!
Please get in contact with us at (407)655-8091 or email us at supremepartymachine@gmail.com and we’ll be happy to answer any other questions!