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All appointments made in advance may require a $100 deposit. This deposit is to ensure your event will be reserved for the date and time you specify. Please see our FAQs and Policies page for more information about the deposit.

New party packages recently added!


Fortnite is the hottest game out that everyone is playing today. How cool would it be if you could play in a squad with all of your friends at the same time, and you take home that win. What’s even better than winning is that you can actually get to see that smile on everyone’s face and feel the excitement all around you. This is what a Fortnite birthday party is all about, and we can make that happen for you! Whether playing solo, squads, or duos, we want you to have that excitement at your birthday party so you will create a lasting memory that can be shared with your family and friends that will never be forgotten. So book now!

Fortnite Party Package

Fortnite Party Package – $499
2 Hour party package for online Fortnite over PlayStation NetworkTM.
*host must allow us to run our network cable to their router for internet access.

Basic Game Theater Package

Basic Game Theater Package – $499
2 hours of our advanced Game Theater brought directly to your house or a public location of your choosing!

Basic Laser Tag Package

Basic Laser Tag Package – $399
1 hour of Laser Tag! Can be played indoors or outdoors! Different scenarios to challenge your players to Team Elimination, Freeze Tag, and more!

Extreme Laser Tag Package

Extreme Laser Tag Package – $499
You get 1.5 hours of our action-packed Laser Tag! More time for more fun!

Game Theater and Laser Tag Package

Game Theater and Laser Tag Package – $599
2 Hours of our advanced Game Theater with Laser Tag also included! Experience both at a discounted price!

Supreme Party Package

Supreme Party Package – $699
2 hours of everything in one awesome bundle! Amazing value!

  • Game Theater
  • Laser Tag
  • Snowcones
  • Glitter Tattoos
  • Boom Box
Supreme Bounce Package

Supreme Bounce Package – $799
In addition to the Supreme Party Package, you’ll also get our 13′ inflatable bounce house for up to 8 kids at a time!

  • Game Theater
  • Laser Tag
  • 13′ Inflatable Bounce House
  • Snowcones
  • Glitter Tattoos
  • Boom Box

Gaga Dodgeball is the latest hit for parties. It is great for large events such as Church, School, or Corporate Family Events. Don’t miss out on this fast paced, action packed game. It’s not just fun, it’s fun for everyone.
Gaga Dodgeball
Gaga Dodgeball – Add On for 2 Hours – +$199

Also check out these party packages with Gaga Dodgeball!
Game Theater and Gaga Dodgeball
Game Theater and Dodgeball Package – $599

Laser Tag and Gaga Dodgeball
Laser Tag and Dodgeball Package – $499

For more information on our girls’ birthday and princess party packages, check out the Supreme Glamour Machine webpage!

Basic Glamour Package

Basic Glamour Package – $449
The 2 hour Glamour Package with everything you need for a girl’s party!

  • Makeup
  • Hair
  • Nails
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Glitter Tattoos
  • Glamour Shots with photo backdrop
  • Karaoke
Supreme Glamour Package

Supreme Glamour and Game Truck Package – $749
You get everything in the Glamour Package above, and also the limousine style Game Truck as well for 2 hours!

  • Makeup
  • Hair
  • Nails
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Glitter Tattoos
  • Glamour Shots with photo backdrop
  • Karaoke

Water Tag is an exciting water game for people of all ages. The game is played similar to laser tag, except with water soakers instead of lasers. Players wear vests that collect water sprayed by other players. The player or team that accumulates the least amount of water in their vest wins the game!

Basic Water Tag Package

Basic Water Tag Package – $299
1 Hour of Water Tag with 1 referee.

Extreme Water Tag Package

Extreme Water Tag Package – $349
2 hours of Water Tag with 1 referee.

Customize your own party experience!

Add our Snowcone machine for $75 for your event for self-serve snowcones!
For an extra $25, we’ll bring extra staff to serve snowcones for the duration of the event.
*Please supply your own ice. The amount depends on the size of your event.

Cotton Candy
NEW! Cotton Candy machine for $75! Unlimited cotton candy for the first 60 guests.

NEW! Popcorn Machine for $75!

If you can’t decide, we can bring all 3! Snowcones, cotton candy, and popcorn for your party all for $225!


Inflatable Baseball Toss
NEW Baseball Toss inflatable
$75 add-on to any party package

Inflatable Football Toss
NEW Football Toss inflatable
$100 add-on to any party package
Carnival Style football toss challenge game

Inflatable Slide
NEW Inflatable Slide
$150 add-on to any party package
$225 for the whole day

Inflatable Obstable Course
NEW 40′ by 15′ Obstacle Course
$349 for the whole day
$399 for a weekend

Bounce House
13′ Inflatable Bounce House
$100 add-on to any party package
The Bouncy Castle is great fun for kids of all ages!

Inflatable Water Slide
Water Slide
$299 for 2 hours
Beat the heat with our inflatable water slide!

Hamster Balls
Hamster Balls
1 hour for 1 Hamster Ball to your party for $250, or 2 Hamster Balls for $350
Roll around to your heart’s content!

Inflatable Twister Game
Giant Inflatable Twister
$100 for 2 hours, or $175 for all day
Bend, Twist, Stretch! Beat your friends and show them who is the best at your next party. This clever new twist on an old classic game is perfect for any occasion and fun for all ages. Up to ten players can participate in this ultimate test of dexterity and balance while making this game a great way to keep everyone excited with all the constant action. This game is a great way for adults to also compete against the kiddos and show them you still got what it takes the win.

Additional time may be available on the day of the event at a rate of $75 every extra ½ hour, unless it would cause a schedule conflict.

We are also available for special events! We’re happy to help out with church events, schools events, corporate events, or others. Please call for special event pricing and we’ll work with you to accommodate the type and size of event that you’re planning.

Is there an extra charge for travel?
For parties 50-74 miles away from the 34771 zip code, there is an additional $100 destination fee.
For parties 75 miles away or more, we’ll discuss the destination fee with you while booking.